Volkswagen Veronamarathon Presentation


When all the sponsors and the city believe in a big event

VERONA – The new edition of Volkswagen Veronamarathon scheduled on next November 18th 2018 was presented at Volkswagen Italia. A new title sponsor to accompany the adventure of over 11 thousand runners involved in several distances such as the 42.195km marathon, the ZeroWind Cangrande Half Marathon (21,097km) and the charity Last 10 Veronamarathon that can be run in a competitive form or not. Saturday morning, November 17th, the preview with hundreds of school kids involved in Corri Bra.

Verona Marathon is organized by Veronamarathon Events in collaboration with the City of Verona, an international competition, part of the official calendars of FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation), IAAF (International Association Athletics Federations) and AIMS (Association International Marathons and Distance Races). After the happy 2017’s edition that celebrated the Absolute Italian Championship and Master Fidal, this year the competition will be a valid race for the Veneto Fidal Regional Championship.

UNESCO MARATHON – The Volkswagen Veronamarathon enjoys the UNESCO Patronage. Since November 30th 2000 the City of Verona is part of the UNESCO World Heritage; on August 30th 2017 the Italian National Commission for UNESCO decided to give its patronage to Verona Marathon, considering it runs in the historical center of the city that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

An intense 2018 autumn, full of news for Veronamarathon Events: Veronamarathon Hub was inaugurated last September 8th, a meeting place and reference for all the Verona runners; the union Volkswagen Veronamarathon is a partnership that gives the way to a new era for Veronamarathon Events. A further piece of growth that confirms the organizational quality already certified by the Fidal Silver Label seal and also witnessed by the many participants who already place Verona marathon in fifth place among the 42km Italian number of arrivals.

“Our being title sponsor of Verona Marathon is a fundamental step for a wider partnership already in place with the city of Verona – said in the opening speech Fabio Di Giuseppe, marketing director of Volkswagen Italy – We are a company which is part of the territory and wants to contribute to the territory. In Piazza Bra in the days of the marathon we will inform about what is the electric future of the automobile world. A fundamental contribution in the direction of zero-emission mobility is the Electrify Verona initiative carried out by Volkswagen Group Italia together with the Municipality and the AGSM: a real mobility system dedicated to the owners of an electric car that provides free access to the ZTL, free parking lots, electric columns for fast charging and free installation of a wall box for domestic recharging for residents in the town of Verona who will buy a fully electric car – not just Volkswagen – until December 2019 “.

Then the turn of Massimo Giorgetti for the development and business of Agsm, gold sponsor of the event: “We thank the organizers for their tenacity, passion and hard work in managing an international event. Thanks for giving us the opportunity once again to support the sport of Verona; already in our extended program we support over 10 thousand Verona athletes and 640 thousand spectators. Volkswagen Veronamarathon is wellness, sport, tourism, culture … it is the city of Verona that goes towards a sustainable healthy movement. Agsm together with Volkswagen is engaged in an electric mobility of the future that is already present “.

“We are co-organizers of Volkswagen Veronamarathon and it is a pleasure and an honor to be. The marathon of this international level is used to bring the name of Verona to Europe and the world and export its beauties and its culture. I congratulate organizers and volunteers for what they do every year, it is increasingly difficult to organize closer and closer to new regulations. Today we celebrate this union with Volkswagen that marks the beginning of a new path all together, for an ever-larger project that brings Verona into the world and brings many runners from all over the world to discover the culture, gastronomy and art of Verona ” said the Councilor for Sports of the City of Verona Filippo Rando.


Michele Tritoni, marketing director of Zero Wind, title sponsor of Cangrande Half Marathon, also spoke: “Zero Wind is a sporting passion, it is an union of people and tools for research and innovation of technical fabrics that can serve athletes of all kinds, professionals or amateurs. Our great sporting passion, which guides us in the research, always careful and scrupulous, of solutions translated into fabrics and membranes for high performance garments, is the engine that gives stimulus to everything. Take to the field alongside an event like Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon is an expression of this passion that animates us since 1953, also because Verona, as well as being our city, is one of the most enchanting locations in the world, ideal for living with enthusiasm, sport in a context full of history and beauty “.

“This year is the tenth anniversary of our organization. We are at the 17th edition but Veronamarathon Eventi with Asd Gaac2007 has been organizing it for 10 years – said Matteo Bortolaso, Vice President of Veronamarathon Events on the occasion of the official announcement – The choice of Volkswagen to link their prestigious brand to a running event for the first in Italy, choosing Veronamarathon, testifies and confirms the validity of the work carried out in recent years in close agreement with the municipal administration and all the operational offices. A dutiful thank you also goes to all the volunteers of the territory and to the suppliers, to be considered partners of the project. Now the goal is to show that the choice of Volkswagen has been corrected and that the relationship can be extended over the years. With this union we can say that some of the largest private companies in Verona area are committed to supporting an initiative such as Veronamarathon, which gives prestige to the city and creates for years a widespread economic induced. We are also very attentive to the youngsters of Corri Bra and non-competitive Last 10 support that we consider essential “

Other representatives of the sponsors of Volkswagen Veronamarathon who have believed in this event for many years or who have just joined have also participated in the event: Joma with the head of Italy Mirko Annibale; Zuegg, the energetic Gensan with the managing director Edoardo Di Martino; Scaligera Service with Mauro Brunelli; Veronabooking with the manager Daniel Frank.

THE MEDAL – The medal that will be literally put on the neck of every finisher of the races of 42 and 21km has been presented. The color is bordeaux for the marathon, while the ZeroWind Cangrande Half Marathon is yellow. As for the last years we tried to do something special, something that all the marathon runners will wear around Sunday November 18th 2018 “.

Volkswagen, get used to the future – The Volkswagen brand is one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world. At the center of the homonymous Group, it has over 200,000 employees and factories in 14 countries, where it produces vehicles for customers in more than 150 countries. In 2017, Volkswagen delivered 6.23 million vehicles worldwide. For Volkswagen, sustainability means pursuing economic, social and environmental goals at the same time and with the same energy. We want to create lasting values, offer adequate working conditions, protecting natural resources and the environment.

Zero Wind: Let’s find out more

The passion for sport, the search for high performance and the desire to be always at the forefront, combined with many years of experience, make Zero Wind® a brand specialized in the supply of technical fabrics for a wide range of sports disciplines.

Always a supporter and promoter of Made in Italy, Zero Wind® takes great care of the entire production process, constantly investing in the research and development of high quality materials, in order to allow the creation of highly technical and performing garments.

Before distribution, each designed membrane is tested directly by our technicians and athletes, to ensure the best user experience for the end user.

The range of Zero Wind® fabrics meets all needs: from professional athletes through the creation of customized uniforms and accessories, to amateurs who want to wear technical, innovative and comfortable garments.

Volkswagen Veronamarathon is possible thanks to the following partners:

Volkswagen (Title Sponsor), Joma (Technical Sponsor), Agsm – Zuegg – Lidl – ZeroWind (Main Sponsor), Eurocompany -Armando De Angelis – Marazzi Noleggio – Gensan – Melegatti (Official Supplier), Virgin Active (Partner), Acque Veronesi – Amia (Green Partner), Telenuovo – Radio Number One (Media Partner).