Il disegno ideato insieme allo Studio Aurelio Clementi è pronto, ora serve solo stamparla in migliaia di copie. La medaglia di questa quindicesima edizione si ispira alla veduta aerea del trittico: Ponte Pietra. Adige e Teatro Romano. Ogni atleta così porterà a casa un ricordo di un tratto del percorso rappresentativo della sua impresa.

Our medals? What a story ...

Veronamarathon 2014: The medal is a tribute to the famous “Piazza Erbe”. Located in the heart of the historical center at the intersection of the Roman streets of Cardo and Decumanus, it is the oldest square in Verona.

Its peculiarity  is the presence of open air shops covered by a fabric octagonal umbrella.

The spindle shape of the square, the roman Forum, rebuilt in medieval times, is reinterpreted in a abstract form, highlighting with full and empty the different areas in which are set the umbrellas, the Fontana di Madonna Verona and the grandstand.

Veronamarathon 2015: This medal is perhaps the one that best represents the meaning of “being a marathon runner “. The medal shows, in fact, the city plan that the marathon course is about to cross. There are represented the two main streets of the historic center of Verona, the Cardus and the Decumanus, which, with their rigid geometry, design the oldest part of the city.

They cross the Adige, fluid and sinuous. The ancient Roman roads that united the rest of Italy Verona are now crossed by a flood of sportsmen full of determination and enthusiasm, ready to take on a new goal.

GENSAN ROMEO & JULIET HALF MARATHON 2015 – This IMAGE is the symbol par excellence of Verona: the Arena. Imagine for a moment to fly, to see its rings formed by stone steps, to fly over the famous “wing” and its mighty walls. Here, the grandeur of the monument is reinterpreted with this geometric abstract design. The yellow bronze color and relevant thickness is a symbol of the glorious past that the city cover. The finish line of the race is also the trophy of it

GENSAN  ROMEO & JULIET HALF MARATHON 2016 – Thanks to the idea and the creation of the Studio Aurelio Clementi, the medal of this ninth edition 2016 encloses itself a double meaning: one dedicated to the city of Verona, the other to the couple running the half marathon . The medal is inspired by the form to the battlements of Castelvecchio, the medieval fortress of the Scaligeri family. The medal, however, can be read in couple, the two medals won by the pair when combined form a unique shape, meaning that Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Halfmarathon must be run together to achieve victory

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