Course Description

The start of Veronamarathon and Cangrande Half Marathon will take place Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 9:00 am from Piazza Bra.

After passing the arches of Portoni della Bra with the clock, you enter on the left side of Corso Porta Nuova that runs up to the Monumental door and back to the right i to take Circonvallazione Oriani to Porta Palio.

To the right to Corso Porta Palio where  you can admire Castel Vecchio, the largest and most impressive monument of the city after the Arena, fortified residence of the Scala family dating back to the fourteenth century. Straight  to Corso Cavour, on the track of the ancient Via Postumia which in Roman times linked the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic.

Just after the castle on the left  see, the Gavi Arch, a rare example of Roman honorary arch dedicated to private citizens; it was originally located across the street and was moved to its present location by Napoleon, to allow easier passage to his troops. From the sixteenth century, the Corso Cavour became the favored place of large families of Verona, that one by one they built sumptuous palaces (Palazzo Canossa at number 44 – Palace MuselliPompei 42 – Carlotti Palace 2 – Palazzo Bevilacqua to 29 – only one of the major )

The church of San Lorenzo -court inside-and the church of the Holy Apostles on a square side, complete the scenic view. It runs through the course to Porta Borsari, a majestic Roman gate dating from the first century AD, during the imperial era was the main entrance within the city walls, the Decumano. In front of the door you turn left and you enter in via Diaz and, after passing the Victory Bridge, go along Lungadige Campagnola to Piazza Arsenale (great view from the opposite bank of the river, Castelvecchio with Ponte Scaligero). You follow the riverside Cangrande and Attiraglio to the suburban town of Parona.

Continuing on Highway Brenner, you get to Nassar. Before Football Pitch turn right and enter the City of Negrar, in Arbizzano town, for about a kilometer. Returning to Parona, the course  passes under the tunnel, along Via Cà di Cozzi, then turn onto Ponte Saval, via Pancaldo and Viale Cristoforo Colombo, turning left. At the traffic lights turn right to Tomaso Da Vico, cross again the Adige on Ponte del Risorgimento to return through the riverside in Piazza Arsenale.

Still along Lungadige Campagnola and Ponte della Vittoria, back in via Diaz.


From here the participants of the Cangrande Half Marathon will come straight in via Oberdan and  arrive in Piazza Bra, to the finish line

The runners of Veronamarathon retrace Corso Cavour to Castelvecchio, RigasteSan Zeno till to the holy church dedicated to the “black bishop”.

To the left along the venetian walls of Circonvallazione Maroncelli, Vi aScarsellin, Via Rosmini up to Corso Porta Palio. Again around the rinascimental building to Via Camuzzoni, Via San Marco, Via Manzoni.

After crossing Corso Milano you run in Via Galvani up to the until the Chievo dam on the river: here you will turn left to the halfway point to retrace the riverside Attiraglio until Ponte Saval; turn left to Via Saval to Via Trento, straight to Via Mameli, Via Menotti and Via Bixio till to the river at Ponte Garibaldi.


Here turn left to pass St George church , cross again Adige river on Ponte Pietra, the Cathedral , Via Duomo, Via Forti Via Emilei close to Sant’Eufemia Church.


Back in Via Diaz, you pass under Borsari doors, Corso Portoni Borsari, Piazza Erbe Via Cairoli, Via Ponte Nuovo, across Ponte Nuovo pass next to the Church of St. Thomas in Via Carducci, Via Muro Padri , Via San Nazaro,  16 October Square, via 20 September, last river crossing to Stradone San Fermo where sits the beautiful church, one of the most interesting and original of the city, consisting of two churches connected and overlapping. Unique in the Romanesque style which blends harmoniously with the Gothic.

Stradone San Fermo continues in Stradone Maffei and the course  will pass on the back of the Town Hall of Verona and Arena Wing to finish the race in Piazza Bra

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