City of Verona
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Declaration of value and motivation

On November 30th 2000, the XXIV Plenary Assembly of the World Heritage Committee (W.H.C.) enrolled Verona in the World Heritage List (W.H.L) under the name of “City of Verona”


In its urban structure and its architecture, Verona is an outstanding example of a town that has developed progressively and uninterruptedly over two thousand years, incorporating artistic elements of the highest quality from each succeeding period.

Verona represents in an exceptional way the concept of the fortified town at several seminal stages of European history.


“The historic city of Verona was founded in the 1st century b.C. It flourished particularly under the rule of the Scaliger family in the 13th and 14th centuries and as part of the Republic of Venice from the 15th to 18th centuries. Verona, a city of art and culture, has preserved a remarkable amount of monuments from antiquity and the medieval and Renaissance periods, and represents an outstanding example of a military stronghold”.

On August 30th 2017, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO decided to grant its patronage to the marathon of Verona, considering that it runs in the historic center of the city, listed on the Unesco World Heritage list.

Also cities like Ferrara, Siracusa, Rome, Venice, Palermo, Aquileia and Florence are on the World Heritage List and have their marathons.

We would like to create in Italy an UNESCO marathon network to further enhance our heritage of the historic centers, highlighting their usability also on the sport level.

This is a way to highlight links between sport, art and culture, three elements that contribute to a healthy and quality life style that is reflected positively not only at the individual level but also at the social level. It is also a way of spreading a sustainable tourism idea that is based on fruity rhythms more in tune with the body and mind.

The description of the path, a traditional consultation tool for the event and its accompanying persons, cannot, in this edition, ignore the prestigious acknowledgment received.
The contact between Verona World Heritage Site and Veronamarathon path are:

  • The fortified walls with the monumental gates of Roman, medieval and sixteenth century;
  • Adige river, second Italian river by length, is a naturalistic element of extraordinary beauty and bordered by tree-lined avenues;
  • The bridges, seven, dating back to the whole history of the City of Verona.


Many buildings and monuments, religious and not, public and private, mute spectators of the runners: their history and the art treasures contained in many of them are subject to numerous publications.The essential guide, drawn up by the City of Verona, is available online at the official site.