VERONA – Two months missing for the great event next November 19th 2017. Organizers, Asd GAAG 2007 and Veronamarathoneventi Srl, together with Verona Municipality are working hard to the best results for all races: Verona Marathon, Cangrande Half Marathon (21,097 km) and Last 10km.

Veronamarathons Medal:

Today was the day of the medal presentation, the ‘prize’ for those who will finish the race next November 19th. It will be the most important race of the year in Italy cause it will award the champion title ‘Italy Fidal for both Absolute and Master classes’.

Verona offers always an special Medal, an objet designed with special care by Arch. Aurelio Clementi to bring not only the recognition for the effort of the runners but also a “souvenir” of the town to take home. The city is always present in the medal, this is the time of the “Basilica di San Zeno”, one of the symbols of the city.

Here a short description about the importance of the church:


“The “Basilica di San Zeno”,Inglese roman masterpiece in Italy, is one of the most important buildings in the city. It is dedicated to the 8th bishop of Verona, a saint of African origin, to whom many miracles and the conversion to the Christianity of the Venetian populations are attributed. The original nucleus of the church dates back to the 4th century when a small church was built near the tomb of the Saint

At the end of the first millennium, after many interventions and renovations, the Church of San Zeno became the magnificent building we admire today thanks to Bishop Raterio and the Emperor Ottone I: a church with three aisles and three apses, width as today but shorter, and with a crypt.

After the devastating earthquake that in 1117 struck Verona and the northern Italy, the church was enlarged and completed in 1398 with the reconstruction of the ceiling and the apse in Gothic style.

The front in tuff and marble is characterized by a large circular rosette, work of Brioloto decorated with six statues that represent many moments of the human condition: the man on the throne, then the falling down, then the crush by the misfortune, then the resum and finaly the stand up creating the Wheel of Fortune.

It was one of the first Roman windows, a feature that passed to the Gothic. Below the rosette window we find the “protiro”, simple and elegant architectural structure supported by columns lying on lions, with sculptural decorations representing figures of months, prophets and plants. Magnificent THE PREZIOS PORTAL COVERED WITH 48 BRONZE FORMS made between the X and XII century by various authors. There are portraits of Christ’s life and the Old Testament. Worth attention at the sides of the portal the bas-reliefs of the XII century, with sacred subjects of biblical inspiration and profane concerning King Teodorico. To the right of the church it stands a 72-meter bell tower that resembles the style by alternating bands of tuff and brick, and that encloses the oldest bells of Verona, fused in 1149. On the left there are the cloister and a bushy tower, the remains of what it used to be a great Benedictine Abbey”.

With about 7 cm diameter, the medal will be the same for marathoners and half marathoners, what will vary will be the writing on the tape to wear it.