VERONA – It’s boom of registration to participate in the Agsm Verona Marathon that will take place on Sunday, November 19th 2017. It’s a real race to catch the bib for the scaligero event that this year celebrate sixteen and it will be the most important marathon of this year in Italy because it will give the winners a tricolor title. Indeed, as already announced, the competition organized by G.A.A.C. 2007 VERONAMARATHON ASD and VERONAMARATHON EVENTS, in collaboration with the VERONA’s DISTRICT, will be the Italian Absolute and Master Championship of of Marathon.

The Marathon has been in the last few years joined by the Cangrande Half Marathon and the Last 10km Marathon, both of them which will take place at the same time, are getting an important numerical success becuase allow everebody, even the less trained or uncompetitive people, to run on the streets of our city.

The data up to August 31, when it is only 80 days to the race, are clear: both Italian and foreigner participants are increasing. The total attendees for the 42km marathon on the official website, are 1850 people (of which + 39% on foreigners) and for the Cangrande Half Marathon are 850 registred. Keeping to this trend, it seems to be really handy to beat the total of 2016 that were 2135.

FOREIGNERS – In 2016 the total number of foreigners participants in the marathon was 403, instead up today, 322 athletes have been already registered. In particular, it is possible to underline the exciting increasing of 309% for the Swiss (they were 45 at the end of August compared to 11 in 2016), or 267% more Duch (they go from 9 to 33), the British with a 109% increase from 20 to 58 runners as well as the doubling of Germans ranging from 22 to 41. The list could be continue, but it still important to say there are about 30 Nations from foreign athletes: up to August 31, the total foreigners are 322 athletes compared to 232 in 2016 (+ 39%) and 120 in 2015 (+ 170%).

ITALIANS– Great news also on the Italian side, where in total in 2016 were 2225. At August 31, 1507 athlets have already chosen to run in Verona, on the same date of the previous year they were in 1002, so the increase is 50%. Even in this case, it is   is noted + 57% from Lombardy or even the extraordinary + 129% from Campania, + 304% from Puglia and + 350% of Sardinia. The Veronese confirms to love its marathon with a 10% more. In general it is possible to notify a strong increase from the farthest regions, thanks by the effect to participate in the Fidal Italian Championship, but also the desire to run one of the most important marathon in Italy.

It’s early to claim victory, but numbers do not lie” says Matteo Bortolaso, vice president of Asd Gaac 2007 -. There are about eighty days missing, but this positive trend makes us well to be hoping for this edition and encourage us to do even better than we have done so far. Organizing an Italian Championship is a responsibility, we are a Silver Label Fidal event and for years it is in the international calendar of Iaaf, the World Federation and Aims, the International Marathon Road Association. This is a result of an understanding of common goals with the local institutions strongly present and active, with a city like Verona that year by year attractes so many foreigners. I must point out and praise the work done by our marketing and social media professionals, as well as by a press office that is now conversing in four languages ​​with all of Europe’s specialized journalists. “

INFORMATION – www.veronamarathon.it