Veronamarathon 2016: EDWIN Koech TURBO VICTORY IN 2h10’52 “

Among women wins the Olympic Hungarian Tunde Szabo

(Verona) – Many ran, well and fast on the streets of Verona. Many because on Sunday morning at 9 o’clock under the ancient watch of Porta Nuova started  11 thousand people, well because the smiles, the hugs, the tears of the people have filled the heart, fast because the Kenyan newcomer on the marathon distance Edwin Kipngetich Koech, born in 1992, won a more than valid 2h10’52 “.

In Piazza Bra, between Liston and the Arena, also comes the sun to greet the thousands of people who cross the finish line coming from 49 foreign countries. And among these foreigners there is a girl who is stronger than the others, she is called Tunde Szabo, is Hungarian, has run the Olympics in Rio with the national team shirt of his country and won this fifteenth edition of the Verona Marathon in 2h44’19 “.

Nice  race for Edwuin Koech, with the transition to the half marathon in 1h06’34” as planned the day before and then beautiful and brilliant in the second half of the race with an even lower partial, 1h04’33” big-time to understand the clear future of the young boy in this specialty. Marathon podium completed by compatriot Abraham Limo distanced by 4’18”, at the finish-line in 2h15’10” while Italian flag flying high with the third overall thanks to a student from Brescia (Free Zone) Nicola Venturoli who finished in 2h26’37 “.

Among women the second place is for  four-time winner of the 100km Passatore Marija Vrajic with 2h48’52” while third Valentina Facciani (Calcestruzzi Corradini) in 2h52’50”, one of the most anticipated of this Veronamarathon women.

Only  fourth in 2h53’50” and a little disappointed due to  problems in the foot during the race Nikolina Sustic, the Croatian winner in the last edition in 2015, and at this point maybe not at the start, Sunday, November 27 at the World Championship in Alicante Ultramarathon 100km with the shirt of his national team.

“A special debut for me in the marathon – Edwin Koech said after the race – I’m  really very satisfied. Verona is a unique city, I’m excited. I train in Kenya Capsabet with the group Stanley Biwott winner of the New York Marathon 2015 “.

In addition to Veronamarathon was run today at the same time the third edition of Can Grande Half Marathon which reported the success of the Verona Nicholas Olivo (Atl. Together New Foods) in 1h09’41 in front of  Marco Montorio, 1h11’32” and Leonardo Giletta third in 1h11’35 “. Women’s race dominated by the former model Sara Galimberti (Bracco Athletic) who did a more than valid 1h13’48 “which enabled her to distance the former Hungarian, Italian today, Judit Varga on in 1h18’55”. Manuela Manca overall third in 1h20’26 “.

“I am in recovery and have very happy of how I raced today, with this victory, with  this final time that suits me a lot – the words of Sara just put the medal around his neck – Two weeks ago I ran in Madrid in a much more difficult day . It wanted this success that stimulates me to keep going after I’ve been stopped for several months due to pelvis microfracture. A great race this, I felt so well that I have enjoyed. In my future now is a marathon, we will soon see what and when. But my dream now is the 42km “.

It was a Veronamarathon organized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Verona, renovated in the path, in the Expo located in Piazza Bra with the Confesercenti collaboration, in ever-increasing numbers in particular foreign athletes. One thing above all, the past year they were  500, this year they are over 1100. Appointment already scheduled for Sunday, November 19, 2017, but the Veronamarathon Events program is full. Already on December 8 it will organize the Christmas Run of Modena, Sunday, December 11 the Christmas Run Cremona and finally Sunday, December 18 finale of the year with the long-awaited Christmas Run Verona. To mark down on the calendar the new edition of Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon Sunday, February 12, 2017.

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